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Dream, drive, passion, intuition, talent. They are all essential to an entrepreneur's success, but not sufficient.

The "let's see how it goes" approach in business is too much of a vague way to go about it. What you need is good strategic planning beforehand.

Have you already defined your business proposition?

Do you know who your target customers are?

By what means are you going to get your business funded?

Is it better to start as a self-employed or as a company?

What are the key points in your plan?


As part of my support, I help founders and companies with drafting their business plan, complete with all main descriptive sections and financial projections, and a compelling pitch deck. Needless to say, the two documents are not the same thing! A pitch deck derives from the business plan. It is like a visually appealing (and less detailed) version of it. Yet, without a proper plan, the pitch deck will be without foundation. Any wise investor will want to look in detail into all the supporting documentation.


By using my assistance, you will also benefit from a wealth of contacts and professionals along the process, contacts and professionals who can prove invaluable to successfully get to the funding stage of your dream.

I give every business the attention it deserves because each one of them is different as are the individuals running it. Accordingly, I dedicate complete bespoke assistance from the beginning, this meaning I will work along with you to help you achieve your goals.


I'm here to help. Do contact me today for a no-obligation chat.

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