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Bolasco Consulting provides advice and support to new and growing businesses helping develop and draft professional business plans for:

  • Loan applications

  • Government grants

  • Private investors

  • Crowdfunding campaigns


If you know you need a  business plan, and you need a professional one, you have come to the right place!

Bolasco Consulting offers support on any or all of the following aspects depending on your requirements:

1) Building sensible sales forecasts;

2) Financial forecasting;
3) Research and market analysis;
4) Drafting a professional Business Plan complete with descriptive sections and financial elements.

Our fees start from £1,000 for drafting a professional, investor-ready plan, and from £600 for financial projections only (including sales, cash flows projections, profit & loss, balance sheets, financial ratios, and all other main projections).

We do also provide a review only service (with no editing) to analyse your documents and give an objective report. Please get in touch for additional information.

Forecasting Your Sales

Creating Realistic Sales Forecasts...

We will help you size your reference market, identify your target customers, spot where your opportunities lie, and define realistic sales forecasts over the first months and years of your business

Complete Financial Projections...

After having drafted your estimates for the investments, expenses and sales, we put all data together to build your financial projections, complete with cash flow projections, profit and loss, balance sheet, financial ratios and more to show your potential investors that you have worked out realistic forecasts.

Financial Projections

Researching Your Market

Helping You identify Your Target Market...

If you require a market study before starting your operations, we will carry out a targeted market research to:

a) Identify and size your target market;

b) Understand what customers are looking for; and

c) Discover changing trends in your sector.

Your Business Plan...

We will draft a great business plan that is both engaging and realistic!

A business plan that show investors and all stakeholders, that you know what you are doing.
A business plan that show them your proposition is strong and you want to get somewhere.
A business plan that show them you mean business!

Professional Business Plan

How to write a business plan - Guidance book

Our publication...

Because we know what we are doing we also published a guidance book.

To find "How to Write a Business Plan" click on the book cover image or search for it on the Amazon site of your country

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