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As a UK-based Business Plan Writer, Bolasco Consulting provides Business Plan Writing Services to new and growing Businesses covering Financial forecasting, Market Research and Analysis, and Drafting of Investor-ready Business Plans.

Business Plans are typically drafted for:

  • Loan applications

  • Government grants

  • Private investors

  • Crowdfunding campaigns


Bolasco Consulting offers support on any or all of the following aspects depending on your requirements:

1) Building sensible sales forecasts;

2) Financial forecasting;
3) Research and market analysis;
4) Drafting a professional Business Plan complete with descriptive sections and financial elements.

Our Business Plan typically includes...

- Executive summary

- Sales forecast

- Market demand

- Competition analysis

- Investments and expenses

- Sales forecasts

- Break-even analysis

- Cash flow forecasts

- SWOT analysis

- Marketing plan

- Full set of financial projections for the following 3 to 5 years 

Our Business Plans

Additional support

Depending on Your Requirements...

As well as drafting business plans and pitch decks, we also offer help with the following preliminary research and analysis if our clients need it: 

  • Researching the market

  • Analysing the competition

  • Defining the business model

  • SWOT analysis

  • Forecasting sales 

  • Budgeting

  • Financial projections

Our fees...

Vary depending on the complexity of Your Plan and the level of support You require but, as a guidance, fees start:

  • From £1,000 for drafting an investor-ready Business Plan

  • From £600 for creating Your Financial Projections for the next 3 to 5 years

  • From £300 for our review-only, no-editing, assistance complete with a brief report

Please get in touch for additional information.

Our fees

What makes us different

Every Business is different...

Just like the people at the helm of it. That’s why bespoke support can make a difference in implementing your plan. And that is why every business will have a plan of its own.

No business plan software or template-like solutions!

It will be your business plan with the added expertise, critical view, and accounting knowledge of dedicated business advisers.

Our publication...

Because we know what we are doing we also published a guidance book.

To find "How to Write a Business Plan" click on the book cover image or search for it on the Amazon site of your country

Learn more about Alessandro Bolasco

How to write a business plan - Guidance book
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