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Company secretarial services

Company Compliance

Company secretarial compliance

Outsourcing to a company secretary means having full support with the statutory compliance and the related administrative duties of a legal entity, including:

  • Maintenance of all statutory registers

  • Companies House filings

  • Preparation of minutes of board and general meetings 

  • Dividends documentation

  • Appointments, resignations and removals of officers

  • Paperwork to formalise share transactions

  • Guidance and practical solutions in various company procedures for consultants and directors  

  • Compliance with the Companies Act, the other relevant legislation and the articles of association

  • Liaising with shareholders and other stakeholders

  • Orderly records of share certificates 

Bolasco Consulting helps manage the internal and external statutory compliance of UK companies.

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Bespoke and flexible approach

As a small consultancy, we are able to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for professional firms, so you will get (and pay for) support as and when you need it while benefiting from our competence and many years' experience in the field. 


Confidentiality and Data Protection

One aspect I am asked and I always give reassurance about is confidentiality on your clients' information. I place paramount importance on this as I fully understand your concern, and that is why I always include a confidentiality clause in my service contracts.

Furthermore, with deep knowledge of the data protection legislation I understand the importance of processing clients' data securely and in compliance with the law.  

What clients say about Bolasco Consulting

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Benefit for Your Firm

To learn how your Firm can benefit from my support, call or send an email today and find out how Bolasco Consulting can improve your business.​​

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